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Complete remote access solutions that enable secure work, regardless of device and location.

Our hosted desktops include application hosting for on-premise apps plus enhanced security for SaaS apps. With Prelude Hosted Desktop solutions your office is wherever you are.

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What are Hosted Desktops?

Hosted Desktops (also known as Desktop as a Service or DaaS) provide your users with a familiar Microsoft Windows environment on a virtual desktop where they can easily and securely access all of their email, files, applications (including 3D visualisation software) and storage.

Work from anywhere

Access your IT data and applications from anywhere at any time with any Internet-enabled device and Internet connection

Safe & Secure

All data is stored in secure data centers and we use the same industry-standard SSL encryption as that used for online banking

Reduce IT costs

No need for expensive IT hardware, anti-virus software, licence renewals and external IT support

Lightning Fast Speeds

With a hosted desktop you’ll be using our fastest UK data centres connection

What’s on a Hosted Desktop?

  • Windows style Desktop
  • 10GB Personal Storage
  • 10GB Shared Storage (per user with a multi-user setting)
  • Data Backed Up Across Multiple Sites
  • ESET Anti-Virus Protection
  • Fully Supported in the UK
  • Managed Setup & Migration
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What can be added to a Desktop?

  • Office: Documents, Spreadsheets, Emails etc.
  • Business: Accounting, Payroll etc.
  • Personalised: If it’s a Windows app we can probably host it.
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Office Applications

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Microsoft Office

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Our Cloud Desktop provides a secure and familiar Windows desktop office environment available from any internet connection worldwide.

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Business Applications

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Accounting Software

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Payroll Software

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CRM Software

Our Cloud Desktop provides a secure and familiar Windows desktop office environment available from any internet connection worldwide.

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Cloud Desktop

Diamond Discovery Online provides a secure desktop environment, available from any Internet connection Worldwide, to manage your accounts and aspects of your business administration.

We handle the hardware, we maintain the software, we keep your data safe… leaving you to concentrate on your business!

Technical Setup

Simply use any Internet connection from your office, home or anywhere else to access your remote desktop and your business data.

A series of powerful rack servers* are housed in an air-cooled, secure data centre with an extremely high capacity Internet connection**. These hold your data and allow the remote access to it, using a Remote Desktop.

* Dual core Xeon processors, lots of memory and RAID disk drives to minimise the risks of a failure. ** Clean air purified to a constant 21°C, with perimiter fencing, card swipe access and manned 24 hours per day.

Upon logging into your own desktop, you will instantly see a familiar desktop environment where you can run the applications you have selected. All the data is stored in your own documents folder, where it is included in the twice-daily backup routine.

All modern operating systems, including Windows, Linux and Mac, feature a Remote Desktop Client which can be used to access the system. For Internet Explorer users, there is a convenient web interface to save time.

Your local disk drives and printers can be easily shared, so the data is not locked on the remote system – it is your data and you can access it or move it whenever you wish.

So, feel free to give it a try and enjoy the benefits of not being tied to a specific location!

Contact us for more information about signing up for a trial.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A Complete Desktop Solution

Diamond Cloud Solutions provide a complete desktop for your online working environment. If you’re familiar with a Windows desktop, start menu and other common features, you’ll have no problem navigating Diamond Cloud Solutions.

Rather than focusing on features, consider how Diamond Online may help you in your working practices:

Diamond Cloud Solutions for Business Management

You will have your own Diamond Cloud Solutions desktop installed on our servers in a secure data centre. Licensed software applications and a user account will be applied according to your requirements and you will be able to process your accounts from the office, home or from anywhere with an Internet connection. Diamond  Cloud Solutions provides the benefit of a powerful business and accounting solution without the problems of upgrades, re-licensing or data security.

Diamond Cloud Solutions for Accountants

The accountant will have a dedicated sector on our servers in a secure data centre with a full suite of licensed software applications available. Individual accounts can be issued for in-house users and each of their clients that wish to use the service. In particular, this will give both accountant and client instant and real-time access to the client’s data allowing the accountant to offer added-value and timely support and advice from the office, remotely or on-site.

Diamond Cloud Solutions for Franchise Groups

The delivery of accounting systems for franchisors and franchisees can be complicated due to geographical differences and commonly a need for centralised administration.  As Diamond Cloud Solutions is remotely hosted, it can be accessed from any location with a stable Internet Connection yet if required the head office can share access to the accounts to assist where necessary.  Furthermore, the stability and consistency are extremely valuable for the smooth running of the operation.

Diamond Cloud Solutions gives you the power of a feature-rich accounting system, payroll and office productivity – coupled with the additional benefit of not being tied to any one specific location.

Ability Office Suite

Ability Office Business offers a number of fully featured applications, specifically designed for the needs of businesses everywhere.

Get straight to work with a completely familiar user interface that requires absolutely no retraining. Load from and save to standard document and image file formats.

Write – MS Word® compatible word processing

Gives you everything you need to create, edit and produce better-looking letters, reports, quotations, memos, mailings and newsletters. Write has all the features that you would expect from any top quality word processor – spell checker and thesaurus, bulleted and numbered lists, frames, tables, autocorrect, autospell, headers and footers, numerous paragraph and font options, interactive rulers, intelligent drag and drop editing, short-cut menus for easy text revision, the capacity to include graphics, spreadsheets and charts, plus a whole host of other essential features. Write also supports a wide range of file formats for export and import.

Spreadsheet – MS Excel® compatible spreadsheet

The perfect tool for managing all your numerical data, whether business information, home finances, complicated calculations or homework problems. To help you make sense of your figures, Ability incorporates all the essential elements users need from a spreadsheet program, as well as a range of advanced features – such as pivot tables and macros – to make working with numerical data as easy and clear as possible.

Database – MS Access® compatible database

A powerful data management system that is perfect for storing and analysing structured data or information, including address books, inventories, customer and product lists, medical records, and any other data that can be usefully tabulated.

Presentation – MS Powerpoint® compatible slideshow presentation

The ideal application for creating professional slideshow presentations, with a wide range of visual and text effects ensuring that your message is delivered with maximum impact. Make your presentations as simple or as sophisticated as you need with the combination of Ability’s familiar design interface and rich creative feature set enabling production of the highest quality presentations.

One Click PDF Creation

As a major added benefit, universally accepted Adobe® PDF files can be created with one click from within all relevant applications, allowing secure delivery of original documents and making it quick and easy to publish documents online.

Although Diamond Discovery Online is run entirely remotely, there are certain minimum requirements of the software on your PC or laptop to help ensure that all the features of the service are available to you.

Operating System

The operating system on your PC or laptop must be up to date. The operating system on your PC or laptop must be at least one of the following:

  • Windows XP Service Pack 3
  • Windows Vista Service Pack 1
  • Windows 7 Service Pack 1

To check the version of your operating system:

  • Click the Start button
  • Right-click Computer and select Properties
    • The form that appears will state the version and Service Pack of your operating system

Your operating system is kept up to date by Windows Update, which is included in Control Panel. If an update is required :

  • Click the Start button
  • Click All Programs
  • Click Windows Update


TS Client

This software runs your remote desktop when launched from your PC or laptop rather than from our web site.  The minimum requirement is TS Client 6.1. To check the version already installed on your PC or laptop:

  • Click the Start button
  • Click Run
  • Type mstsc and click OK

  • A form should appear entitled “Remote Desktop Connection”
    • If no form appears, the software is not installed – see below
  • Right-click in the Title Bar and click About

  • If the form states that it supports Remote Desktop Protocol 6.1 or later, your system meets the requirement

If the TS Client 6.1 is not installed on your PC or laptop or if an earlier version is installed, you can download and run the installation program from the following link: Download Microsoft TS Client 6.1 (1.6MB)

.NET Framework

This software supports communiction between the software on your PC or laptop and the software on our web-based servers. The minimum required is .NET Framework 3.0 SP1. The .NET framework can be updated with Windows Update – See instructions in Operating System. Alternatively, you can check the version installed on your PC or laptop as follows:

  • Click the Start button
  • Click Control Panel
    • Windows XP: click “Add or Remove Programs”
    • WIndows Vista,7: click “Programs and Features”
  • A form should appear listing all the applications that are installed on your PC or laptop

If the .NET Framework is not installed on your PC or laptop or if an earlier version is installed, you can download and run the installation program from the following link: Download Microsoft .NET Framework 4 (869kB)


Printing from your Diamond Discovery Hosted Desktop is only possible using the Net2Printer application, which must be installed and running on your PC or laptop before you connect to your desktop. Printing is the most technically challenging aspect of a remote desktop environment and is made possible by the use of remote printer driver software. Our chosen software provider is Net2Printer and the software must be installed on your PC or laptop before you can print from our platform. The installation and configuration is simple and the software will sit silently in the background on your PC or laptop.

If Net2Printer is already installed

If Net2Printer is already installed on your PC or laptop and you are installing an update, before you install the update from this web page you must first uninstall the existing installation on your PC or laptop. The full update process would be as follows:

  • Uninstall the already-installed version of Net2Printer, for example:
    • from the Control Panel on your PC or laptop, select Add or Remove Programs (Windows XP) or Programs and Features (Windows Vista, 7)
    • locate “Net2Printer RDP Client n.nn.n” in the list of programs, where n.nn.n is the version of the software that is currently installed, e.g. 1.16.1
    • right click on this item and select “Uninstall”
  • When the uninstallation is complete, restart your PC or laptop
  • Install the latest version of Net2Printer as explained below
  • When the installation is complete, restart your PC or laptop

This will help to ensure that the Net2Printer update is installed cleanly and completely.

Installing Net2Printer

To install Net2Printer from this web page, first click the link below. Depending on the internet browser you are using, you will either be able to run the installation program directly from the link or you will have to download it to your PC or laptop, remembering the folder to which you save it, and then run it manually by double-clicking on the file icon in that folder.

Download Net2Printer Installer v1.16.2 (17.5MB)

After you have installed the software you must restart your PC or laptop. After this, your default local printer will automatically be made available to the applications on our platform. With the installed configuration program you may also set up other printers. Installation includes a help file which explains how to use Net2Printer beyond your local default printer. Find this help file from the local Start Menu on your PC or laptop.

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Accounting Software

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Payroll Software

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Microsoft Office

Our Cloud Desktop provides a secure and familiar Windows desktop office environment available from any internet connection worldwide.

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