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Customer Relationship Management

With our Cloud CRM you can easily manage and market to your customers, contacts and prospects to maintain and generate new sales.

Cloud CRM is pre-configured as a standard CRM tool with Companies, Contacts and activities like telephone calls, meetings and emails to help you record the contact you have with your customers and other entities (e.g. suppliers and prospects).

However, CRM is not just marketing software; it is an important business process.  A good business will have a good CRM process at its core, with clear and detailed understanding of its customers’ needs, easily accessible by relevant sales and support staff enabling them to communicate with customers efficiently and effectively.

A good CRM database, structured in the way that your business works, can help you develop and maintain good relationships with your customers, suppliers and contacts in an efficient way and thereby also help you to attract new customers.  Cloud CRM has a sophisticated configuration menu, which allows you to expand the database to record the specific details you need and to design processes and activities that can help you systemise and control all aspects of your business.

In the Cloud

Cloud CRM, as the name suggests, is hosted rather than installed locally and can be accessed from a web browser on an internet-connected device:

  • PC, Mac, tablet, smart phone with no need to install any software;
  • All data is securely stored and backed up on our dedicated web servers.

Management Information System

A particular application of our Cloud CRM is that of a corporate Management Information System (MIS), which details all of an organisation’s Values, Policies and Procedures that determine how that organisation will conduct its business.

All too often, an MIS is configured to be or eventually becomes a static reference database that is laborious and time consuming to control and administrate, and cumbersome to navigate and use.

This inevitably has the following negative consequences:

  • the MIS not keeping pace with changes in business practices;
  • the MIS retarding business processes;
  • the MIS adding little or no value to the business as it does not capture real-time information flow and so cannot deliver any quantitative data.

We believe that an MIS should be the heartbeat of an organisation.

The MIS should be a live and interactive tool to help all facets/departments of an organisation to consistently manage their business processes and to communicate effectively, with all stakeholders having access to the same data, in real-time.

Our MIS Solution delivers on this philosophy:

  • tailored to represent your business processes and information flow;
  • procedures are live operational frameworks rather than static reference libraries;
  • all data entry is captured immediately to update defined monitors and reports in real-time;
  • desktops are defined by user requirements to control access and focus performance;
  • users can configure their own dashboard to optimise experience.