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Remote Support

Email fraud is a big problem for brands, businesses, and consumers alike. Spammers, spoofers, and scammers who sneak their way into an ina

We use TeamViewer to provide remote support to our customers.

If you don’t already have TeamViewer installed on your device, click the link below to download a ‘runtime’ file, which will run a TeamViewer support session for one time only.

Depending on your local browser and security settings, the file might first be blocked or require you to download then run it or download and run automatically.

You can keep this file for future one-time support sessions.

When the file runs it will display the one-time ID and password, which our team member will need to start the remote support session.

box can cause a lot of damage. But smart, responsible email marketers can take steps to prevent disasters.

That’s where Prelude’s email authentication services come to the rescue and provide a sense of security for both senders and recipients.