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WordPress Development

Why WordPress?

Thousands of extensions, user friendly and easy to use.

WordPress is a powerful platform for creating and managing a website. It is easy to use, highly customizable, and provides a wide range of features for clients. WordPress also offers a library of plugins and themes to customize the website to your exact specifications.

Additionally, WordPress is a highly secure platform, with frequent updates to ensure your website is safe from potential security threats. With Prelude, you can create a website that is tailored to your specific needs, without compromising on quality.

Some of the most well-known companies use WordPress, including Sony, CNN, Samsung and eBay.

Why WordPress?

WordPress is a powerful and versatile Content Management System (CMS) that is widely used by individuals, businesses, and organizations of all sizes to create and manage their websites. With an ever-growing selection of features and benefits, WordPress is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to create a website, whether it’s individual or business.

One of the greatest advantages of WordPress is how easy it is to use. Its straightforward user interface allows anyone to get started with creating a website, regardless of their coding knowledge. It is also optimized for SEO and includes features like custom permalinks and SEO solutions to help boost your website’s visibility in search engine results.

WordPress also provides a high level of security and is regularly updated to protect against hackers and malware. It also has features such as user roles and permissions to help you control who can access your website and its data. And if you ever have any questions or concerns, Prelude experts are always ready to help you.

Website or Blog

WordPress is extremely versatile and can be used to create a wide range of websites and content. From simple blogs to complex e-commerce websites, WordPress is a great choice for any project.

Open Source

WordPress is an open source software, meaning it is free to use and modify. It is developed and maintained by a global community of developers and volunteers, and anyone can contribute to its development.

Media Manager

WordPress has an easy-to-use media manager for managing and organizing images and other media files. This allows you to easily upload, delete, and organize images and other media files.

Content Management

WordPress features an advanced content editor that makes content creation and editing easy. The content editor is easy to use and allows users to format content, add images, embed videos, and more.

WordPress Development

  • High-quality WordPress website design that meets your objectives and appeals to users
  • WordPress customisation and theming to ensure your site looks beautiful
  • Intelligent WordPress integration with other systems such as databases and payment platforms
  • Expert brand development and graphic design to give you a compelling and cohesive brand identity
  • Strategic digital marketing to attract visitors to your site
  • Long-term WordPress support and maintenance to ensure your website stays secure, up-to-date and performing optimally

Frequently Asked Questions

WordPress is the most widely used content management system (CMS) in the world and is the most popular CMS used to create websites, blogs, and other forms of content. It has millions of active users worldwide and is designed to be simple and intuitive to use, even for beginners. With a drag-and-drop functionality and an extensive library of features, WordPress makes creating content a breeze.

Is WordPress easy to use?

Yes, WordPress is designed to be user friendly, even for those who are new to the platform. The intuitive interface and drag-and-drop features make creating content a breeze. Plus, the WordPress platform is designed with beginners in mind, offering plenty of tutorials and support resources to help users get up and running quickly. Additionally, users can benefit from a wide range of plugins, themes, and our maintenance service that can be used to customize their WordPress site to suit their needs. With all these features, WordPress is an excellent choice for anyone looking to create a website or blog.

Is WordPress secure?

Yes, WordPress is equipped with a powerful security system to safeguard its users against malicious attacks. Regular monitoring and updates by the Prelude team ensure that our clients can have peace of mind that their website is secure and protected. The security system is designed to be robust and reliable, making sure that the client’s data is kept safe and secure. Additional measures have been taken to protect users from hackers, with security plugins available to further enhance the security of each client’s site. With the right precautions, you can rest assured that WordPress is a reliable and secure platform to host the website on.

Does WordPress have a media manager?

Yes, WordPress has an incredibly easy-to-use media manager which is ideal for managing and organizing images and other types of media files. The media manager has a range of options that enable users to easily upload, delete, and organize images and other media files. Additionally, the manager offers a range of options for resizing, cropping, and compressing images to ensure that they can be used for optimum performance. This makes the media manager an invaluable tool for anyone wanting to take their WordPress website to the next level.

Is WordPress mobile friendly?

Absolutely! WordPress websites are designed to be mobile friendly, taking into account factors such as screen size, user interface and touch-friendly navigation. This makes it easy to access content on any device, as the website content is optimized specifically for mobile devices. This ensures that users can easily navigate and view content on smartphones and tablets, without any lag or difficulty in loading. Additionally, the website’s design ensures that the content is presented in a way that is easy to read, even on smaller devices.

Does WordPress have an advanced content editor?

Yes, WordPress also has an advanced content editor that makes content creation and editing a breeze. For novice users, the content editor is easy to use and allows them to format content, add images, embed videos, and more quickly and efficiently. The content editor also includes a wide range of tools for creating and formatting content, such as the ability to add tables, columns, and other formatting elements. With these tools, users can easily customize their content and make it look great. In addition, the content editor also offers a wide variety of helpful plugins and add-ons to further enhance the content creation and editing experience.

Is WordPress optimized for SEO?

Yes, WordPress is highly optimized for search engine optimization (SEO), so our clients can take advantage of the powerful tools it provides to maximize their website’s visibility in search engine rankings. Not only does WordPress offer users a range of SEO tools, but it also has a variety of built-in features that make optimizing for better search engine rankings easier than ever. From automatically generating meta tags and titles to helping you create custom URL structures, WordPress has you covered when it comes to ensuring your website is optimized for best SEO performance.

The Legal Stuff

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