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Accounting Trial

Download a free trial of our DESKTOP ACCOUNTING software.

Simply click the Setup link below, enter a few details including a valid email address and an email will be sent to you containing a link from which you can download your trial.  The trial will last for 90 days from the date the software is installed.  After this period, the software will cease to function and you will be required to purchase a licence to reactivate it.  All data entered during the trial will remain unharmed.  Some features are disabled in the trial version – e.g. Nominal Year-end.

While you wait for the email to arrive, download the Install Guide and Getting Started Guide as they will help you to, erm, install and get started.  Click the link and, depending on your browser and personal settings, the file should open in a new tab, from which you can view and download, or the download should start automatically and be displayed in the browser status bar, Downloads link near the address bar or in a pop-up form.  If in doubt, check your Downloads folder or click the link again.

Do not download or install from this page if you are a licensed customer.  Your licence details will be ignored and features will still be restricted.  Instead, download the full version from Desktop Accounting Latest Release.